Savannah Community

In 2011 City Church was launched in the heart of Savannah. Our first location was a store front on MLK which we rented. For over three years God moved to build a dynamic team of leaders who had a heart for the greater Savannah area. Then in 2014 our church began the build out of a second location in Pooler allowing many of those calling City Church home to worship closer to the community they lived in. It was during the build out of the Pooler location that we lost the MLK location downtown. We knew then just as we do now that God has a purpose for us in the downtown area of Savannah. City Church was blessed to find favor with the owners of the historic Savannah Theatre. We launched our Pooler Community and then the very next Sunday re-launched Savannah.

On Good Friday of last year we found ourselves once again approaching a transition with our Savannah Community. Our prayer has been for God to open a new door in which we might own our location to help ensure we no longer have the concern of possibly needing to move. We are currently working toward finalization of just such a facility. The exciting part of this transition is that this facility could become a part of the legacy we will be able to hand to the next generation. During this season of growth and change we will be meeting as one body in our Pooler Community.  We are excited to be offering services at our new location in Savannah soon, so track us at

Don't let distance keep you from experiencing what God is doing at City Church. You can track our progress at

What to Expect

A Friendly and Relaxed environment.

Gone are the days where we expect everyone to dress in a suit and tie or dress. We believe that all of God's children should come just as they are without hesitation or shame about who they are, where they've been, or what they believe. When you arrive, you'll be greeted by our Guest Services team where you can find up-to-date information about events, ministries, and stories within our church. If you're a first time guest, don't forget to grab a famed City Church cookie and Facebook or Instagram us with the hashtag #citychurchcookie.

Modern Worship and Powerful Teaching

Our services kick off with a heartfelt and powerful time of worship. Our band prepares the atmosphere for Holy Spirit to work in our lives and our hearts. Additionally, we as a church body remember the sacrifice of Jesus through the elements of communion and reflect on His sacrifice and our restoration. Afterwards we dive further into God's word with a relevant, engaging message by one of our teaching team members.

Service Times

We would love for you to join us at either of our service times on Sunday mornings:

One service in Pooler at 10 AM

Contact a Pastor

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