Defining a New Generation of Believers

When we relate to people, we can move with them, wherever that may be. It doesn’t matter if it’s Savannah, GA or Nairobi, Kenya. Wherever we are we will minister to the lost. This is where we apply what we’ve learned when we engage with other believers, and we’re stronger for it, because we have the backing of other believers.

When we move in a community, we relate to and engage with any and everyone. It allows us to encourage and define a new generation to rise up for God’s will and Kingdom, just like we’ve done in Savannah. That’s how our influence grows and that’s how we spread the Gospel.

Savannah Mission Bible Training Center

Impacting many communities, all in one area. The Savannah Mission Bible Training Center impacts many people who are in dark places of desperation. Our work ensures that these people get an excellent meal as well as strong worship and relevant teaching. The truth of God’s word breaks down addiction and brings hope into their lives. City Church’s investment into this ministry changes lives everyday.

Ronald McDonald House

Our work allows people who are in some of the worst moments imaginable to feel cared for. This part of our work tends to be behind the scenes, but we know that our work makes people feel greatly appreciated and loved.

Bridge Foundation

Utilizing the church and empowering Chirstian families to meet the needs of the fatherless through adoption, foster care, and international orphan care.

Project Kenya

Our mission is to have one of five new children’s homes in the Kimana community of Kenya open by January 1st, 2014. A goal that has already been met. However, there is more to be done. We are now working towards opening the other homes as well as getting the dining pavilion open.