In 1733 General James Oglethorpe designed the city of Savannah in a series of squares, he did this to encourage community within the city. City Church continues this tradition through Community Groups.

Each week all around the city Community Groups meet and discuss the topic from the previous Sunday. We believe this approach solidifies what we are learning and when others add their thoughts it provokes great dialogue and discussion.

Why Community Groups?

As a ministry of City Church, the Community Groups support the mission of City Church to build community. This is both within the church and beyond the four walls. We gather to search the scriptures, as we urge each other to grow in our relationship with Christ, build lasting relationships with each other and reach our fellow man for Christ. As we expand beyond the Savannah and Pooler communities, these Community Groups allow us to remain connected, and maintain our sense of unity.

What Should I Expect?

Community Groups meet weekly throughout the city. Some are lead by pastors, some are lead by other members of the church. The ultimate goal is for the groups to be able to raise up leaders in different communities to spread the love of Jesus and to show His grace to the city.

Each group meets at different times and different days, some groups offer child care and some don't. Some groups are built around a love of a hobby or event and some meet just out of love for the area. Whichever group you decide to join, we're confident that you'll feel welcomed, included, and have a great time with great people.

Upcoming Groups

There are no upcoming events at this time.